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The published book
          Finally, a book about Epi Info for Windows!
Epi Info and OpenEpi in Epidemiology and Clinical Medicine
Health Applications of Free Software, 366 pages, February 2010
 by Andrew G Dean, Kevin M Sullivan, Minn Minn Soe

   Link to Amazon/CreateSpace site to purchase a printed copy ($15--about 4 cents per page)
   Download EXAMPLES3.ZIP, 8 megabytes of program examples-Rev. March 2010
   Instructions for EXAMPLES.ZIP
   Download the book text as a PDF file
   Download the book text as a zipped OpenOffice ODT file
The PDF and ODT versions are free, but the professionally printed version is cheaper and smaller than a photocopy and is bound with a glossy cover.

Download Course I or Course II, 15-hour courses
Sessions I or II Short Course, 4 hours each
on using Epi Info (3.5.x) and OpenEpi in public health.

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